Rise to the best of your abilities through passion, dedication and effort.

Outdoor Leadership Camps for young people in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Outdoor Leadership Camps Switzerland

You will have an incredible experience

We live in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the world, the swiss alps. these mountains are an unimaginable and vast location offering endless opportunities for incredible adventures like rock climbing, alpine mountaineering, peak ascents, back packing and back country skiing.

Learn more than technical skills

you not only learn the necessary technical skills for your adventure. you also will be on a journey of personal development gaining leadership skills, managing risks, building up trust and developing the mental and physical strength for successful outdoor adventures. We work hard to maximize your potential, ensuring that in each activity skills are learned which are transferable to the world outside the wilderness.

Apply your skills on an extraordinary adventure

each day of your course will be an incredible adventure where you apply your newly learned skills in a variety of scenarios. this experience will help you to become competent and confident through the progression of technical and personal skills in a challenging environment. to ensure the best learning outcome we purposefully operate small courses with a small team.


as a crucial part of our courses you will set yourself a realistic challenge to achieve at the end of each course. based on your skills, strength and preferences your instructors will support you in finding the right challenge for you. With dedication and effort you will reach one of the stunning peaks of switzerland.