Personal development for young people

OLCS courses are dedicated to the development of young people. Our remarkable outdoor learning programmes equip young people with valuable skills for life. We design our courses so participants are able to make sound decisions, use technical skills, judgment and awareness to manage risks, to set realistic goals and to be successful.

Education and Curriculum

OCLS courses are educational in essence and based on the principles of experiential learning. A low instructor student ratio allows an active learning process based on individual experience. Our classroom is out-of-doors where mountaineering and leadership skills will be taught in a challenging environment, giving participants the opportunity to apply what they have learn throughout the course.

Core curriculum includes technical climbing and mountaineering skills, leadership skills, risk management, and the environment.

Highly qualified Instructors

OCLS instructors are extraordinary outdoor leaders and participants benefit from their decades of experience with outdoor leadership training, technical instruction and mountain guiding. Our instructors are not only technically skilled but passionate educators. They are committed to each and every student’s learning progress. Their dedication assures exceptional experiences beyond expectations. To comply with our risk management system all members are either trained by the Swiss Mountain Guide association or the Swiss Outdoor Association.


Safety is our top priority. At OLCS we aspire to provide adventurous activities which have an element of real risk. We only can do this by having an elaborate and robust risk management system in place. As a responsible employer we encourage all staff to take responsibilities not only for course participants, but also for themselves and their colleagues. The immense risk management experience of all our staff contributes greatly to our exeptional safety record. To emphasize the importance of safety in a challenging outdoor environment elements of risk management and emergency protocols are taught as part of our courses.

Course sizes

Small group sizes are an important factor to guarantee the best possible learning outcome for our participants. It affects not only your personal experience but gives OLCS instructor’s the flexibility to meet individual goals. For this very reason, we keep our group sizes below ten students. When it comes to review skills on a one to one basis with your instructor, leading a group over glaciated terrain, or teaching a lesson on local geology, OCLS course sizes are ideal to achieve your goals.